The banner formats used on the websites of the group:


Banner formats


Formats of graphic banners:

  • static formats –  JPEG, PNG or GIF
  • HTML5 banners
  • Flash banners – not recommended due to limited possibilities of displaying them on target devices and browsers

Please, send us the URL where the visitor should land on your website together with the banner.

HTML5 banners  – specification

For displaying banners we use the system AdOcean from Gemius. Complete specifications for the correct preparation of banners in HTML5 See the link below:

HTML5 banner specification for AdOcean banner system

Banner HTML5 can be uploaded into the system in the form of a zip file or just one .html file (usually index.html).

Flash banners  – specification

Flash banners can be displayed by our banner system, but we do not recommended them because there are limited possibilities of displaying them on target devices and browsers.

Banners in flash should include clickthru parameter
Due to the monitoring of clicks, the banner should include the clickthru parameter.

on (release) {

if (_root.clickthru == undefined && _root.clickTag) {

_root.clickthru = _root.clickTag;


if (_root.clickthru == undefined && _root.clickTAG) {

_root.clickthru = _root.clickTAG;


if ( _root.clickTarget == undefined) {

_root.clickTarget = „_top“;


getURL(_root.clickthru, _root.clickTarget);


The above code is written in ActionScript version 2.0.

We recommend adding also a static banner

The Flash banners need Adobe Flash Player to be visible on the user’s browser. To the visitors who do not have this player installed the banner will not be visible. That is why we recommend including also a static version of the banner (JPEG, GIF) which will be displayed
in the case, when the correct display of the Flash banner cannot be guaranteed.

Flash banner must have transparency settings

When creating a banner, it is necessary to set transparent background, which in conjunction with the <param NAME=”wmode” VALUE=”transparent”> ensure correct display and behavior of Web pages.


Background image size: 1 920 x 1 200 px (height of the top part above the content 200 px, inner part covered by content 1 030 px)

Technical specification: see on AdOcean