Advertorial (PR article)

The PR article is an effective form of promotion. By publishing a PR article, you have the opportunity to draw attention to a specific product or service in a non-violent, readable manner. The value of the article is also building up thematic backlinks that are an important part of SEO (search engine optimization) activities.

The PR article is generally very similar to other articles on that portal, but it also includes contact with the company providing the service or product, including links to the client’s website. Photos can be placed in the article, embedded video player. The length of the article is not limited.

Technical requests:
– text ca. 1 500 to 2 500 characters
– ca. 4 to 5 photos ca. 1 000 x 800 px
– logo (optional)
– links
– delivery min. 1 week before publishing
– graphics (lay-out) will be processed by the publisher
– the article will be promoted for min. 7 days on the homepage of the portal
– the arcticle will be accesible on live for min. 1 year
– capacity for PR articles is limited – only 7 articles can be published on one portal within one week