Advertise with no risk in SNOW!

Due to the uncertain epidemiological situation before the 2021/22 season, the SNOW media group has decided to take all your advertising risks on their shoulders. With each restriction of skiing, your payment for contractual advertising will decrease proportionally, with the all-season ban on skiing, you will not pay anything for the advertising campaign!

100% guarantee, 0% risk

With each day under one hundred ski days, one percent of the payment is deducted: for example, for 99 days of skiing in your resort, you pay 99% of the agreed advertisement, for 50 days, 50%, etc. Therefore, if skiing is not allowed at all by the local authorities for the 21-22 season, you will not pay anything.


  • 100 ski days = 100% payment for contracted advertising
  • 80 ski days = 80% payment for contracted advertising
  • 40 ski days = 40% payment for contracted advertising
  • 0 ski days = 0% payment for contracted advertising

Terms of the event

The determining factor is the number of ski days in the ski resort. As a ski day is counted every day when public traffic was allowed from November 2021 to the end of April 2022.

Only a ban by state authorities and institutions is considered a restriction, not other factors such as climatic conditions.

The guarantee is granted by the publisher only for individual contractual partners.